Dating & Credit

“Money problems” is a top ten reason why people get divorced in the U.S. This is why just about everyone recommends that prior to getting hitched, you have the “money talk” with your partner. When is the best time to start talking money with the person you are dating? Obviously not on the first date. Still, financial baggage can be a huge burden on a relationship. If you’ve become emotionally vested, finding out your partner has poor credit or is in serious debt will make you think: Is it worth sticking it out?

Here’s my advice. If you are still dating but are not yet a couple, and you discover that your potential boy/girlfriend has both bad credit and is heavily indebted, take the time to talk about the past habits that got each of you where you are. Consider playing out the scenario. One thing is for sure- If it’s a sensitive topic, or if your goals don’t align, you may need to slow your roll.

The best case scenario for staying in a relationship with someone you really like, is when the prospective boyfriend/girlfriend simply has bad credit. However, keep in mind that some people are completely uninterested in improving their financial health. Rrelationships that are built on changing the other person seldom last forever. This includes the topic of credit scores.

Don’t let a moment of chemistry get in the way of your future financial plans.

Start inquiring about the financial health of the girl/guy you are dating as soon as possible. Be kind but direct about your priorities and listen to theirs as well. It may help you both head off a relational and financial trainwreck later on.

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